General Notes


Tuna Tartare

Otoro with 25 year aged traditional balsamic vinegar (PDO), served on a toasted sourdough slice.

Diced: 6oz tuna, shallots, scallions, cilantro.

Sauce: 1 tsp djion mustard, 1 tsp aged Japanese soy sauce, 1 tsp EVOO, 0.2 tsp sesame oil, lemon zest.

Mix and finish with lemon juice, fried scallions, aged balsamic. Enjoy!

Note: No need to add avocado if using fattier cuts of tuna.

Grilled Abalone

Abalone: Gently steam for 10 minutes, remove digestive organs and mouth, score with knife.

Sauce: Soy sauce, sugar, ginger, 5 spice powder traditional mead. Add water to mix, bring to caramelization point, add in pre-steamed abalones.

Steamed Lobster

Canadian lobster.

The shell can deposit pigmentation shown above if the steaming temperature is not high enough. Add scallions and lemon to steamer water for best results.

Lobster Chowder


Miso Black Cod

King Crab Ramen

Red king crab.

Snow Crab Soup

Snow crab.

Braised Pork

Halibut Cakes

Made with wild Canadian halibut.

Crab Rolls

Golden king crab.

Truffle Spaghetti

Made with autumn truffles.

Ibérico Pasta

Made with iberico bellota.

Pinwheel Lasagna

Don Angie's recipe.


I'm not very good at making sushi, so I'm documenting my progress!


Madai, Shima Aji, Sake, Otoro (PEI), Akami, Hamachi, Ankimo, Hokkigai, Tamago.

Garnish: Scallions & Myoga

Seasonality is key!

Ikura Gunkan

Alaskan chum salmon. 

Chum salmon has the largest eggs.

Sake Donburi

Smoked BC sockeye salmon.

Chutoro Aburi

The diagonal cuts are very important for brushing on soy sauce!

I found slicing with the grain on chutoro made these cuts the easiest.

Uni Nigiri

Dim Sum


Crème Brûlée 

2 cups 35% cream, 4 egg yolks, 35g sugar, 1/8 tsp sea salt, 2 tsp vanilla extract.

Notes: I find most recipes online often add too much sugar! After much experimentation, 35g of sugar in the custard is optimal for my tastes. Add up to 1 additioanl egg yolk if using a deeper dish.

Lava Custard Buns